On 1st .July 2016  R+E Automationstechnik GmbH  was taken-over by the R+E Automation Technology GmbH, which is member of OPTIMA Group, with the courage to break new ground.

R+E can look back to the Know- How of R+E Automationstechnik GmbH
and its over 20 years experience and international reputation in automation and feeding systems.


R+E Automation is specialised in the development, design and production of special-purpose machines and assembly machines, in particular rotary indexing table assembly machines and assembly transfer lines.



On highly automated production lines, feed technology plays a vital role. R+E is the right partner for you as an acknowledged high-quality supplier of systems and components in the field of feed technology.



  • 2016 Take-over by the R+E Automation Technology GmbH, member of OPTIMA Group Exclusion of aluminum profile system MayTec from production program
  • 2014 Moving the Headquarter to Bruckmannstrasse 11 and tripling the production floorspace
  • 2008 Development of new generation of needle assembly machines 1-track, 2track and 4-track for glass syringes.
  • 2007 Implementation CAD ProEngineer Wildfire 3
  • 2007 Move from Rommelshausen to Fellbach-Schmiden and expansion to approx. 2.700 m²
  • 2006 Sales of R+E Automationstechnik GmbH to Bavaria Industrial Capital AG
  • 2002 Supply of first assembly machines for plastic syringes in Middle East
  • 2000 Triplication of the production area to 1.300 m²
  • 1996 Inclusion (intake) of MayTec aluminium profile system in production program
  • 1995 Foundation of R+E Automationstechnik GmbH



- ProEngineer
- Inventor
- AutoCAD
- EPlan
- ELTime